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About LPC

LPC Insurance Brokers Limited, as the name suggests, it is a company who is engaging in insurance brokerage services. Since its establishment in 2005, our business philosophy and core values have remain unchanged over the past years. Apart from seeking public awareness and understanding of LPC, what we care most is your recognition of our values.

75Conversion Rate
> 75%
28The Smallest Sum Insured as lower as $28 per year with $1M labour protection
3No. of Employees Trained are enough to fill City Hall Auditorium for 3 days
10No. of Buildings Insured > 10 x Taikoo Shing

Insured (Insurfun)

An innovative and unique online insurance platform for enterprises of all types to subscribe their products and services

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Insurance service

Insured (Insurfun)

This platform integrates all insurance products and industry types, customers can get their insurance quotes according to the corporate or individual needs in real-time. Once a quote is confirmed, no extra administrative procedures or paperwork are required, and the insurance policy will be sent out instantly with immediate effect.

Cyber ​​Insurance

The rapid pace of life and the swift development of the Internet have led to the birth of Insurfun. Undoubtedly, Internet brings convenience to all enterprises and individual consumers, however, it also brings cyber attacks from numerous hackers around the world.


Leveraging LPC's comprehensive knowledge and rich experience in underwriting and claims, we offer a comprehensive suite of insurance solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Property related insurance

- Underwriting for property management companies
- Purchase and management of all types of insurance for housing estates and major owners

Engineering insurance

- Underwriting for building construction companies and contractors on building and renovation projects
- Underwriting for property management companies and contractors on maintenance and refurbishment projects

Types of Insurance Products

Corporations, Individuals

Insured (Insurfun)

As its name suggests, Insurfun is an innovative and unique online insurance platform for enterprises of all types to subscribe their products and services.

In view of the ever-changing needs for enterprises of all types to seek the right insurance product, as well as a strong desire to collect quotations in a more efficient manner. In order to expedite the entire insurance subscription process, LPC has launched Insurfun, a fully automated online insurance service platform where customers could get quotes and instant approvals 24 x 7 all year round much more easily.

Insurfun is open for subscription to both enterprises and individual users. Subscribers who have successfully purchased any types of insurance products will be automatically entitled to our loyalty program, where they could earn points on the platform.

Activities At A Glance

To adhere to our business philosophy Professionalism – Care – Liaison, LPC possess a strong belief that there is no better way of understanding what our customers need unless we stay in touch with them at all times. Therefore, LPC has organized several types of corporate events like trainings, lectures and seminars, etc. in order to take the opportunity and facilitate interaction with our customers.

Knowledge Hub

In addition to providing professional insurance services to customers, LPC also aims to offer more channels for customers to learn. By understanding more on insurance knowledge as well as claims, we are sure that this will be a tremendous benefit to our customers. This is also why ‘Knowledge Hub’ is formed here.


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